Predictive molecular pathology in pathological anatomy

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Predictive Molecular Pathology is called to face a new challenge:: the increase in resolution and the simultaneous integration of different information relating to the analysis of the single gene and to the integrated visualization of the results obtained for all clinically relevant biomarkers, which allow an increase in the selective capacity according to the growing availability of molecular targeted treatments.

4ONCOMMUNITY is the platform that systematizes the growing amount of information regarding precision medicine but also a virtual space in which to share experiences and knowledge for the advancement of the oncology community.


To produce, select and comment on topics related to Predictive Molecular Pathology in Pathological Anatomy for patients with solid neoplasms for which molecular targeted treatments are available or are being studied.

To offer a digital tool for answering specific questions relating to the selection of patients suffering from solid neoplasms for new generation pharmacological treatments through an ad hoc ticketing service.


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