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Professionals, united by a passion for their work, with the common goal of making their experiences and knowledge available to the cancer community. We have decided to take up the challenge with which Predictive Molecular Pathology is measured and confront ourselves on 4ONCOMMUNITY trying to answer your requests. Find out why!

Umberto Malapelle

Department of Public Health – University of Naples Federico II

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Fabio Pagni

Pathological Anatomy Department – University of Milan Bicocca

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Matteo Fassan

Matteo Fassan

Pathological Anatomy Department – University of Padua

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Nicola Fusco

Department of Oncology and Hematology – University of Milan

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Matteo Fassan

Carmen Criscitiello

Assistant Professor and medical oncologist appointed –
University of Milan
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Dr. Criscitiello is Assitant Professor at the University of Milan and medical oncologist appointed with High Specialty in Immunotherapy at the Division of Experimental Therapeutics, European Institute of Oncology – Milano, Italy.

She is a clinician and researcher committed on early drug development for patients with solid tumors, with a special interest in breast cancer. She is the global principal investigator of the international and multicentric ALPHABET study: A Randomized phase III trial of trastuzumab + ALPelisib +/- endocrine therapy versus trastuzumab + Chemotherapy in PIK3CA mutated HER2+ Advanced BrEasT cancer patients previously treated.

She is member of the ESMO Breast Cancer Faculty since 2017, Deputy Chair of the ESMO Leadership Generation Task Force since 2020, Member of the ESMO Press & Media Affairs Committee since 2018, and AIOM Breast Cancer Guidelines Panel Member since 2018. She serves as Associate Editor of the Frontiers in Oncology and ESMO Open – Cancer Horizons.

She serves as reviewer for several scientific journals, including Lancet Oncology, Annals of Oncology, European Journal of Cancer, Journal of Translational Medicine, The Breast, The Oncologist, NPJ. She has authored 130 peer-reviewed publications, with H-index = 34. She is speaker at numerous national and international meetings.

Matteo Fassan

Sara Pilotto

U.O.C. Oncology, University of Verona, University Hospital Trust of Verona, Italy

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Dr. Pilotto is a medical oncologist, Assistant Professor at the University of Verona. She completed her graduate studies and residency in medical oncology with full marks and honors at the University Hospital Trust of Verona (Italy) and she trained in the Translational Research Unit at the Pangaea Biotech laboratory, Quiron-Dexeus University Hospital, Barcelona (Spain) thanks to a fellowship award of the International Association for Lung Cancer (IASLC) in 2015. In 2019, she completed her PhD in Inflammation, Immunity and Cancer at the University of Verona (Italy).

Dr. Pilotto is member of the Young investigators Lung Cancer Group of EORTC, of the Lung cancer Guidelines Experts Panel of Italian Association of Medical Oncology (AIOM) and member of the ESMO Press & Media Affairs Committee and of the ESMO leadership program 2019. She has authored 138 peer-reviewed publications, with H-index = 25. She is speaker at numerous national and international meetings.

Main Research/Clinical Interest Areas: clinical and translational research in lung cancer; prognostic and predictive models; methodology of clinical trials; comprehensive approach to cancer patient (i.e., nutrition, physical activity).

Tania Labiano Miravalles

Anatomic Pathology Department,  Hospital Complex of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain.

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Catarina Eloy

Pathology Department, São João Hopsital, Oporto, Portugal

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András Kiss

Department of Pathology, Forensic and Insurance Medicine, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary

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