Breast cancer

Welcome to the breast pathology section of 4oncommunity. Here, you will find updates and key practical information regarding predictive pathology, along with recommendations and guidelines for the management of patients with breast cancer.
The analysis

The analysis of biomarkers has traditionally played a crucial role in breast cancer, where the characterization of hormone receptors (estrogen, ER and progesterone receptors, PgR), HER2 and the proliferation index have been for decades integral part of the histopathological report. The advent of immunotherapy, new molecularly targeted drugs (eg inhibitors of the PIK3CA alpha subunit) and increasingly refined therapeutic protocols, however, pose new challenges for the pathologist and molecular biologist. In fact, the precise – and reproducible – qualitative-quantitative characterization of conventional biomarkers has now become essential for an optimal management of this pathology, as well as the correct analysis of emerging biomarkers, including those based on morphology (e.g. TILs), immunohistochemistry (eg PD-L1), and genomic tests (eg PIK3CA, BRCA, NTRK).

The purpose of this page is to provide a sharing platform to healthcare professionals who deal with this increasingly complex diagnostic field through the creation of a network of breast pathology specialists. A free ticketing service has been specifically created to provide support from our panel of experts for the in-depth study of the issues and the management of pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical critical issues.

Breast cancer pathology: the new opportunities (Part 1) I Dr. Carmen Criscitiello – Dr. Nicola Fusco

Breast cancer pathology: the new opportunities (Part 2) I Dr. Carmen Criscitiello – Dr. Nicola Fusco

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