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The role of Predictive Molecular Pathology in clinical trials: the clinical value  I Dr. Paolo Nuciforo

The role of Predictive Molecular Pathology in clinical trials I Dr. Paolo Nuciforo

Biofluids in pathological anatomy I Dr. Matteo Fassan – Dr. Fabio Pagni – Dr. Nicola Fusco

Positive predictive markers of response in lung cancer I Dr. Umberto Malapelle

Welcome to Anne Schultheis

HER 2 evaluation in breast cancer: a focus on HER2 low expressed I Dr. Nicola Fusco

Colorectal MSI/MMR I
Dr. Matteo Fassan

Liquid Biopsy: new perspectives I Dr. Umberto Malapelle

Emerging markers in metastatic colorectal cancer: a focus on HER2 I Dr. Matteo Fassan

The new role of morphology in NSCLC I Dr.Fabio Pagni – Dr. Sara Pilotto

Predictive molecular pathology in NSCLC I Dr. Sara Pilotto – Dr. Umberto Malapelle

Networking and contamination: agnostic markers I 4ONCOMMUNITY BOARD

Lung cancer: state of the art | Dr. Umberto Malapelle – Dr.Fabio Pagni – Dr. Sara Pilotto

Liquid biopsy in breast cancer I Dr. Carmen Criscitiello – Dr. Umberto Malapelle

MSI/MMR as a transversal biomarkers I – Dr.Matteo Fassan – Dr. Umberto Malapelle – Dr. Nicola Fusco

Liquid Biopsy and Cancer Interception: perspectives from International Society of Liquid Biopsy I Professor Christian Rolfo

Latest updates from IASLC: Liquid Biopsy Hot Topic Meeting 2020 I Professor Umberto Malapelle

The role of the University in training professionals such as molecular pathologists |
Dr. Matteo Fassan

New challenges in breast pathology I Dr. Carmen Criscitiello

Latest updates from ESMO “Breast Cancer and Target Therapy” I Professor Nicola Fusco

Social Media in the Cancer Fight: the Oncoalert role I Doctor Gil Morgan

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